“The Excellent. The Best”


Magis is one of the more secretive Ignatian terms. It’s a Latin word signifying “the more noteworthy, the amazing, the best.” It’s related with eager endeavoring to dependably improve the situation, to embrace a more noteworthy task, to set more goal-oriented objectives. Now and again I consider the thought of magis rousing. Regularly I think that its threatening.

The possibility of the magis originates from the Call of the King reflection in the Spiritual Exercises. Ignatius has us envision Christ as a King calling us to go along with him in his work to spare and recuperate the world. Who wouldn’t have any desire to react anxiously to this call? It bodes well to join. “Each one of the individuals who have judgment and reason will offer themselves wholeheartedly for this work,” St. Ignatius remarks.

In any case, Ignatius urges us to think about something more: to “go additionally still,” to “make contributions of more noteworthy worth and minute.” We’re requested to serve the King with something more than wholehearted administration. How is this conceivable?

It truly isn’t conceivable. I think Ignatius is raising the likelihood of more prominent than-wholehearted administration as an individual welcome. He’s putting it out there for us to consider. It has more to do with individual duty to Christ than with fretful kind An overachieving. What would you be able to envision that would inspire you to accomplish more than your best? It’s an inquiry every one of us can answer just for ourselves. It’s an inquiry we can answer just as we draw nearer to our King.